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Muammar Ghaddafi

He was known as Colonel Gaddafi, was a Libyan politician, revolutionary, and political theorist. He was the de facto leader of Libya from 1969 to 2011

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Muammar Gaddafi's Death

The bitter truth about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's death. A legend betrayed by fellow Africans and killed by his own brainwashed people under the influence of the West.

Libya was the world's poorest country in 1951. Gaddafi made it Africa's most developed country with $150 billion foreign reserves & zero debt. Under Muammar Gaddafi, Libya had one of the world's strongest currencies and Libyans had interest free loans.

1 Libyan Dinar equalled $0.82781 in 2011. Gaddafi wanted to give all African countries the Dinar to strengthen their economies. He also had more than 150 Tonnes of Gold and a similar amount in Silver which he wanted to distribute accross Africa to be used in trading.

He had plans to even introduce Gold Dinar to be used Across Africa. This was when the West came for him. Gaddafi Was Killed Because He Was In The Process Of Uniting Africa Through One Bank, One Currency, One Economy and One military.

That Would Mean That We Would Trade Our Resources With Each Other & Places Like Europe Would Fall Apart In A Week. Places Like America Would Fall Apart In A Week. Because Although They Are Powerful Economically. They Have very few resources Of Their Own.

Their Money Would Lose Value Over Night & Become Worse Than Zimbabwe. Africa Would Be The Most Powerful Continent Because Africa Has All The Resources. All The Resources That Make America "Great" Are Here in Africa. All The Resources That Make Britain "Great" Are Here in Africa.

The Youngest Population On The Planet Is Here in Africa. Yet With All These Young Minds. With All These Resources. We Are still struggling to develop because Africa Has Absolutely No Leadership Whatsoever. The current People You Call Presidents, Ministers & All These Other...

Fancy Names Are Here To Manage The Country On Behalf Of Western Governments. Nothing Here Is Meant To Benefit You. Your Gold Is Taken To Europe. Your Diamonds. Your Oil. Your Resources. Everything You Have Benefits Foreign Economies.

If Africa Didn't Exist. There'd Be No United States (USA) or United Kingdom (UK). Black People taken to America as Slaves Built America For Free If Africa Didn't Exist All These So Called Royal Families Would Be Regular People.

Whatever Power These Countries Have Comes From Exploiting Africa. Without Our Gold, Resources, Oil, Diamonds. That All Changes Over Night. That's Why They Killed Gaddafi he was a threat to them all.

Libya under Gaddafi.
- Free health care
- Free Electricity
- Free housing, owning a house was considered a human right
- Free medicine
- Free Education in the country including for all Libyan students who were studying abroad.
- Free water, he built a river
- Interest Free loans

- Newly weds received $50,000
- Mothers received $5,000 on birth on child.
- All citizens received a percentage of all oil sales
- Petrol was $ 0.14 per liter
- Government paid 50% of the price of your car
- Unemployed Libyans received the average salary of their profession.

Gaddafi and Obama were best Friends. But since Obama was now on the West side making the matters worse as the president of USA, the west broke their friendship. This is what Gaddafi said about Obama his Friend wanting him Dead.

"Millions of Africans journey to Europe for jobs and better life. A united Africa would better exploit its own resources and create jobs to keep Africans at home Either we live in Africa or we die in Africa, Africa is our mother, how can we leave our mother?,"~ Muammar Gaddafi

"How can an African country face a Europe that is united, negotiate with a big USA (or Japan or China)If we have a United States of Africa, then Africa can be on an equal footing and negotiate with them. Uniting the continent would also staunch the flow of migrants"~ Muamar Gaddafi

“I shall continue to insist that our sovereign african countries work together to achieve the United States of Africa, with a single military force, a single currency and a single passport for Africans to move freely around Africa”~ Muammar Gaddafi


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African Telecommunication services

Africa enjoys unlimited telecommunication services because of Gaddafi. Muammar Gaddafi played a leading role in ensuring that Africa was connected.

Africa declined to paying Europe $500 million a year in satellite usage fees.

He led the efforts to connect the whole of the African continent together. Making a phone call in Africa used to be unbelievably expensive. Making a call to a caller who is outside of Africa is even worse.

The portal is now open to contact anyone, wherever in the world, as quickly as possible thanks to a significant shift. Just one button click. Online streaming is available for an eternity. The history of how this came to be in Africa is not well known.

For its own communications, the entire continent previously relied on European and American nfrastructure. And part of that involved paying a steep premium to them so that every communication coming from Africa could flow through their infrastructure. The idea of connecting the entire continent to the internet, radio, television, and telephone appeared improbable or Africa. To put an end to this, the continent merely needed to work together. Calls made within and outside of Africa were by far the most expensive in the world before to Gaddafi’s  move that transformed the connectivity of the continent.

Making a call that could last longer than five minutes was a luxury. For its own communication, Africa was relying on American and European satellites. The only financially responsible course of action was to build one’s own satellite and stop depending entirely on European satellites like Intelsat for phone calls. It would spell an end to the $500 million yearly payment. When 45 African nations assembled to discuss a course of action with relation to this issue in 1992, the notion was eventually born.


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