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Sahara Desert

Ordinal Stars

The first Africa Stars collection on BTC. The size of the collection is 99 stars, out of the total amount of 777 Africa Stars created. 

This series represents 99 famous Africans or famous people with African descent. Every individual minted will get his or her story told in the Starpedia by one of our contributors from the African continent. With minting these Stars you support the growth of the content of this platform.

The proceeds will be used to:

  • Reward the contributors of content to this platform

  • Promote Africa Stars as a platform on Social media and specifically on Nostr by zapping Sats to people promoting African content

  • Further expand the Africa Stars infrastructure.

To bring the Stars to BTC, one star of the first series has been inscripted into BTC while burning the original mint.

This Star is within the first 1 million Ordinals on BTC.

Ordinal 1.png

African Star - Senegal Dashiki cloth was the first African star to be inscripted into BTC Blockchain as an ordinal. With inscription 994 718 it is within the first million Ordinals on BTC. The mint of series 2 will bring the total amount on BTC at 100 Stars

Stars collection on BTC

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