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Cape Point - South Africa

If you love exploring the planet then Cape Point, South Africa should be in your bucket list! As one of the closest points of southern hemisphere this promontory is filled with flora and fauna. Cape Point’s rich and diverse plant life has earned it eight World Heritage Site accolades from UNESCO. Once you arrive at the base one can enjoy a pleasant trek up the hill which houses 2 historic lighthouses built in 1860 and 1919 respectively. These lighthouses are one of the remotest of those times providing much needed rest and direction to the voyagers. It also is depicted as a symbol of stability in spirituality where in the boats in the sea represents the turbulent human mind. These lighthouses teach us that once the mind is stable and has knowledge ( depicted by light) then humans lead a much stable, longer and successful life and they also become a beacon of inspiration for others (in the boat).

Interestingly one can even see the southernmost piece of land i.e Antartica on a clear day from Cape Point. This happens due to pollution free environment of the location. For perspective on why it is significant; Antartica happens to be 6000 kms away from Cape Point. Cape Point has had a long and wonderful history and was earlier named the Cape of Storms by the Portuguese travelers. The point was treated with great respect by sailors because of its treacherous seas.

Cape Point is also a famous because 2 oceans meet here: The Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. Don’t forget to take a trek down the lighthouse towards the sea to experience this beautiful natural formation.

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