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musée des forces armées du sénégal (Armed forces Museum in Senegal)

The Armed Forces Museum was created in Dakar in 1997 with the ambition of reconstituting the memory of the traditional, colonial and national armies and presenting it to the general public. It features exhibits on Senegalese skirmishers, traditional armies and symbols of the country. Located on Rue de la République, the Armed Forces Museum is open every day except Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. At the entrance to the museum, the visitor is forced to read the following: "to obtain from men simple duty, it is good to show them

the example of those who have surpassed it". It has a documentation center where you learn the history of armies: traditional or modern, conservation, dissemination of army heritage, enhancement of traditional armies of West Africa. , colonial troops from Africa and the Senegalese Armed Forces, since independence. The best welcome will be reserved for you. Currently there is still an exhibition devoted especially to Senegalese riflemen from the origins to 1919.

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