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Tribe: Batammariba or Tammari

Countries: Benin and Togo

Meaning of Batammariba: Those who are real architects of the earth.

Language: Ditammari (a language in the Gur family)

The Batammariba or Tammari are a tribe that can be found mostly in Benin and some part of Togo along the Oti-Volta of Africa.

They are well known for their architectural building of fortified houses, known as Somba Houses. Their building is characterized by a ground floor which serves as homes for livestocks at night. The middles section serves as kitchen and an upper floor which contains rooftop courtyard which is used for drying grain, as well as containing sleeping quarters.

They are agronomic herdsmen and mostly reside is the valleys and hilly areas of Benin, they oppose any form of domination and servitude.

Modern Significance: Even before the introduction of penis enlargement creams and penis pumps, the Batammariba tribe have been practicing penis elongation for centuries.

They pound their herbs in mortar, form a paste from it and rob it around the penis, they strap the penis with a gourd, laced with a string and hanged around their neck only to be removed after a month of which the required length would have been achieved by then.

They are experts in the field of penis elongation with zero side effect.

Their form of architecture which is very unique, super fortified and sophisticated has also gained them a recognition from UNESCO since 2004 as a world heritage site., with the statement, "Koutammakou is an outstanding example of territorial occupation by a people in constant search of harmony between man and the surrounding nature". The homes of the Somba people have become an attraction for tourists who pay a visit to Benin and Togo

You didn’t know about the Batammariba people but now you do, what would you like to learn from them?

Their Penis Elongation Technique or their way of building Fortified Fortresses.

I know you will make a good choice.

Thanks for reading and Remember, Discovery always starts with Us.

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