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San People

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San People

Tribe: San people or Bushmen
Countries: Botswana, Namibia, south Africa, Zimbabwe.
Meaning of San: Foragers.

The San People or Bushmen are a tribe that can be found mostly in the southern part of Africa. They are Hunter-gatherers living in a small cluster of communities scattered around the desert range of Southern Africa. They have no need for fiat money as they don’t deal in buying and selling but rather share whatever they get among themselves through periodic gifts.
Language: The language spoken by the Bushmen is the San Language with its uniqueness being the “click” sound they make whiles speaking.
Notable people: Among the San People is 
“N!xau Toma”, an actor of Namibian descent considered to be the most popular actor of Namibia starring in the most famous film “The Gods must be Crazy”
Fun fact: He was paid $300 for his role in the movie but he let the money to be blown away by the wind confirming the fact that, the bushmen don’t see the need for fiat money.

Modern Significance: When it comes to the area of health the San People cannot be ruled out. Because they are considered as being men of nature, their discoveries into herbal medicine can still not be understood. Among them is “Hoodia Gordonii” a herbal medicine used for slimming, patented by the South African centre for scientific research in 1998 but the San People are yet to benefit from this their discovery.
As Damien Marley said in the Sabali Song with Naz, “The African can survive against all odds”  and the bushmen are a typical example.
There is alot to be learned from the Bushmen, their culture which has no regard for fiat money has eliminated envy and greediness.

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