The Stars will start to shine on Africa again.. 
Stars of Africa - What is the concept?

The Concept


Stars of Africa is a tribute to the continent which has been the birthplace of life and civilization. The beauty and the rich history of Africa consists of many stories untold or unknown to the bigger global population. Stars of Africa wants to highlight the African continent by telling its history and culture. We are launching an #NFT collection representing a good collection of Africans best and most famous, we will share details and background stories. We are the African Stars

The Team

Our team is part of TuruGlobal, a global community of Crypto enthusiasts who are spread all over the world. In the Africa Stars team we have a solid representation of people from the African Continent who are proudly portreying the African heritage through this project. 

The African team has their foothold in Ghana and Nigeria bringing content to our platform with the intent to spread the foothold over a wider area in the near future

Artifacts and locations

Historical Artifacts


Africa is full of history and a lot of history can be told through these Artifacts. The Stars of Africa website will be a living tribute to Africa and its history highlighting these jewels of (ancient) history

Charity, Turu Angels



Stars of Africa will be part of the TuruVerse, the Metaverse created by the TuruGlobal team.


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TronDao Forum

Check regular updates about Africa Stars on the TronDAO forum

People and Tribes

Inspirational people


Stars of Africa will be featuring a wide range of famous African individuals from all countries and different backgrounds.